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What is the Connect App?

Connect is the 100% secure application for internal communication and mobile training of employees.


How gamification motivates and engages employees

For years, companies have used gamification to attract and engage with consumers. But this methods doesn’t just apply to prospective customers. You can also use it to encourage your employees.

Read the success story from the Intercontinental Geneva and Connect

In a 5* Hotel such as the Intercontinental Geneva, internal communication is the key to ensuring high quality customer service.

Success Story Elcotherm

Digital and mobile internal communication

Connect quickly convinced ELCO of its simplicity. The app is appreciated at all hierarchical levels. Elcoterm particularly appreciates the simple, mobile and user-friendly operation of Connect.

Interview with Mr. Solenthaler, Deputy General Manager of InterContinental Geneva

 It is an application that facilitates communication


Our approach to security

We need to make sure your data is secure, and protecting it is one of our most important responsibilities.

René Müller, Founder of Connect Solutions

Why every company should use a secure messaging platform

Imagine your business as a body. A secure messaging platform is your body’s circulatory system—it facilitates communication and allows information to flow freely, supporting the many limbs of your organization. Having a secure messaging platform in place is essential to all the health of your company.

The employer's guide to measuring employee productivity

We live and work in a time of innovation, change, globalization, and hybridity. In this sort of environment, balance is more highly coveted than ever before. In fact, it’s often the key to managing success and employee productivity. Thanks to swift advances in technology and the all-pervasiveness of the internet, businesses have adapted rapidly across all industries.s.