Ebook: The employer's guide to measuring employee productivity

We live and work in a time of innovation, change, globalization, and hybridity. In this sort of environment, balance is more highly coveted than ever before. In fact, it’s often the key to managing success and employee productivity. Thanks to swift advances in technology and the all-pervasiveness of the internet, businesses have adapted rapidly across all industries.

The rise of mobility and social media have caused what would typically be considered “work hours” and “personal hours” to blur, shift, and change. These changes can often be a boon for business and mean more flexibility for your workforce. On the other hand, it also presents challenges for employers when it comes to measuring employee productivity.

It’s no secret that managing the modern workplace while retaining some semblance of balance can be challenging. The omnipresence of mobile devices, social media, emails, and more can either be a huge distraction or useful tools for success. Regardless of your organization’s products, services, or industry, staying engaged with your employees and making it a priority to accurately measure their productivity is essential.

In this e-book we take a look at:

  • The connection between employee engagement and productivity
  • Ways to measure employee engagement
  • The importance of productivity apps
  • How traditional methods of measuring employee productivity fall short
  • Some strategies for measuring productivity in the 21st century workplace

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