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With over 4800 employees in various functions, most of them without access to common communication channels such as e-mails, internal communication at Tertianum has been a major challenge so far.
The Connect employee app offers attractive solutions that are tailored to our needs in many ways. It is a pleasure to address our employees so quickly, efficiently and to interact with them in such a targeted way.

In addition to the news and chat functions, the quiz function is especially fun. This is very popular and brings with it a learning effect. We are very satisfied with the start and see a lot of potential to sustainably improve and further strengthen our internal communication.

Luca Stäger
CEO Tertianum

Via the Connect App, employees can now stay in touch very easily. Important information can be shared instantly and with minimal effort via Chat or via Newsfeed. Thanks to Connect many processes are now digitalized. Information is up-to-date and immediately accessible on the tablet or mobile phone. An additional benefit to using Connect is employee loyalty to the company.

Veni Britt
Managing director, Spitex Sarganserland

In a first step, for the first time, we now have the possibility to contact all our co-workers in a fast and uncomplicated manner. Our co-workers are a lot on the road, and only a few have a computer workplace and an e-mail address. We are now all able to inform everybody and reach them with company-relevant information. The chat function is already actively being used and provides certainty that the chat content remains where it belongs. With the quizzes, we bring in a playful manner important overarching topics into the consciousness of all co-workers. We will continue to improve the internal communication and are happy that with Connect a very helpful tool and a good partner has been found.

Camilla Gruschka
HRD, Spitex Zürich Limmat

Connect is a very nice tool and very easy to use – easier than other tools. What I like the most is the Quiz function. It is so easy and fast to create a Quiz.

Katharina Scherzer
Assistant to Head of Sales CEET, Siemens Healthineers

Internal communication was our biggest problem. Information given to managers and executives wasn’t making its way down the ranks. With the Connect mobile app, we were able to resolve this issue. Now, every staff member with the app gets the information they need on a much more regular basis. We noticed positive results, including a more tightly-knit team and improved overall “team spirit.” Employees have an increased sense of belonging in the company and are eager to share the work they are proud of.

Sandoz Foundation Hotels

We are in touch with Qnnect’s Customer Success Team on a weekly basis. We really appreciate the fast response time, the personal contact and the ability to offer solutions quickly and thoughtfully.

Alain Gozzer
Communications Specialist at Tertianum AG