Ebook: Use case - Learning culture

In the past, most companies regarded learning within human resources development as a task that had to be offered. Continuing education was on the agenda more through a sense of obligation than one of considered strategic benefit.

In reality, however, it was a means to an end: by participating in a seminar in a nice conference centre, the employee was given a break from everyday working life with its recurring routines. This was supposed increased employee satisfaction. No less, no more. The courses were usually not necessary for organisational success. Until a few years ago, it was sufficient to complete an apprenticeship or a course of study at the beginning of a career. The acquired knowledge was sufficient for the whole life career.

Today is different. Knowledge changes quickly. This applies to technical content as well as IT applications. And in both areas it is imperative that employees stay up-to-date. Otherwise there is a risk that they will execute their job responsibilities with insufficient know-how. Sooner or later this will have an impact on the quality of the results and in the long term the company’s success will suffer.

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