Ebook: Use case - Gamification

Gamification: If applications that are actually known from the field of games
are used in another context, we speak of gamification.
The aim of this approach is to enable people to approach certain issues
in a more playful way and thus to access new knowledge more easily. The
gamification approach is being used more and more frequently in continuing
vocational training.

The principle can be used in many ways in further education. For example,
management simulations offer one way of imparting company-specific
knowledge. In these, established or prospective managers can deepen their
management skills in virtual business games.

In this digital scenario, you take on the role of the management and make
decisions with a promising future. The advantage is that interdependencies
become transparent and the consequences of decisions become very close to
reality. Gamification can also be successfully used in many other areas to train

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